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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

The standard term is called Business Process Outsourcing, more specifically ITES-BPO.


We perform non-core (back office) business functions so that you can focus on core (sales) activities — and we usually do so off-site, through the use of the internet and mobile technology.

All businesses, regardless of industry, have administrative, creative and technical needs. And, because small business owners are busy, we understand you may need personal assistance sometimes too.

We’re here to help!

Are you a staffing company?


Like a staffing company, we can provide on-site administrative, creative and technical support.

However, unlike a traditional staffing agency, we primarily work from a remote office [virtually] that is off-site from the Client’s place of business.

On-site support is available in select markets, in the event that the requested function cannot be handled through the use of computers.

Which areas do you service?

Virtual Assistance is geographically boundless.  As of 2017, we have Clients representing 22 of the 50 United States, plus a few overseas with assets in the United States.

On-site collaboration assignments are primarily within the Texas Triangle, but not all. If your proposed project requires travel outside of the area, please contact us, as we might know someone who can help.

How much does your service cost?

Each Contract for Service is custom-tailored to fit the needs of that Client.  Variables include the skill set necessary to perform the work, the location at which the work is to be performed (virtual? on-site?) and the length/ frequency of the assignment or proposed working relationship.

We offer competitive rates and our Clients unanimously feel we lend a positive return on investment. To receive an exact cost, specific to your scenario, please request a quote.

Who are your Clients?

We predominantly support small business owners and solopreneurs within the United States.

Because we are often:

    • integrated within a Client’s organization with the appearance of an internal employee, or,
    • performing functions on behalf of a business or the business owner,

Client lists are not made public.  However, professional references may be made available at the time of a formal Proposal, in conjunction with a Statement of Confidentiality.

I am ready to get started! What are the next steps?

1)         Submit a Request for Quote.

2)        A Manager will contact you to further discuss the details of your needs.

3)        We generate a Proposal Bid for your review.

4)        Upon acceptance of the Proposal, a Contract for Service is executed.

5)        We start saving you time and money!