Houston Girl Friday is seeking a Business Development Extraordinaire to join our expanding team.  The company has three main operations:

  • Directly [“in-house”] providing support solutions to small businesses and individuals  (BPO)
  • Project management for small businesses and individuals, often temporary or task-driven  (Subcontracting)
  • Recruitment, training and staffing on behalf of small businesses and individuals  (RPO)

Our target market is the estimated 30% of the 27 million small businesses in the United States that outsource administrative, creative and technical tasks to a contingent workforce.

This is a long-term, internal support role reporting only to the Operations Manager.  The position is 100% “virtual“, working remotely from your own home or mobile office.  Ideally the Business Development Extraordinaire should be based in Texas, however qualified candidates within the United States will be equally considered.


The primary goal for the Business Development Extraordinaire is to secure new Alliances and Clients for VEPAA® – the parent company for the Girl Friday brand of companies.

All businesses, regardless of industry or size, need back-office support. Even with continuing technological advances, all businesses require some form of paperwork and accounting (administrative), design, marketing and advertising (creative) and a website/web presence (technical).  We perform these necessary functions so our Clients can focus on their core business product or service.

  • Research, devise, execute, test and monitor a new Business Development plan for our organization.
  • Successfully locate, target and acquire new Alliances.
  • Successfully locate, target and acquire new Clients.
  • Educate Small Business Owners and other leads on the concept of Virtual Assistance.
  • Inform Small Business Owners and other leads of the value, scalability, convenience and other benefits of hiring a Virtual Team.
  • Assure Small Business Owners and other leads that there is no risk in hiring a Virtual Team such as ours (insurance, background checks, secure data transfer via Dropbox, etc.)
  • Follow-up with old leads and inactive Clients.
  • Documentation of business development activities.

AS NEEDED (for additional pay outside of commission mentioned below):

  • Assist with development and enhancement of Standard Operating Procedures for Business Development practices.
  • Proofing, editing and quality assurance of marketing materials.
  • Other marketing, advertising and business development related assignments, as necessary.


  • Demonstrated aptitude and success in consultative sales.
  • Superior interpersonal skills, with the confidence to approach, communicate and resonate with people at all levels of seniority and business acumen.
  • Complete understanding of standard business functions and organizational structure.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Familiarity with online CRM platforms.  (We use Zoho)
  • Exemplary communication [verbal, written, observation] skills.
  • A sense of confidence, passion and perfectionism. An inescapable need to succeed.
  • Capable of performing and effectively collaborating in a virtual workplace environment.
  • Outside-of-the-Box, forward-thinking capacity.
  • Innately proactive, resourceful and the ability to work independently with no supervision.


  • 5+ years minimum experience in a sales, marketing, advertising, public relations or business development role.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred, in Marketing, Public Relations, Communications or Entrepreneurial Studies, or a proven track record in business development activities for another SMB.
  • Given the virtual aspect of the position, you must have your own PC and/or MAC laptop and adequately equipped office.  #BYOD
  • A quiet, uninterrupted workspace for placing outbound calls.
  • Clear background check.
  • Polished, professional and personable appearance at all times.


Our organization operates 7 days a week; preference is always given to candidates willing to working evenings, weekends and even holidays, if needed.

  • The Business Development Extraordinaire is a full-time position.
  • This position allows you to set your own hours, within reason.
  • Compensation is commission-based:
    • $200 per new Client secured.
    • $100 per inactive Client that reinstates their account.
    • $100 per lead conversion, where said lead was not originated by you.
    • Bonus incentive of $1200 every month, if more than 12 new Clients are secured within one calendar month.
  • Estimated Minimum Annual Salary: $66K (plus $15K in bonuses)
  • Access to the company’s Lynda.com subscription [~3000 web training courses].


Established in 2010, Virtual Executive Personal Assistants of America, Inc. (VEPAA®) doing business as the Girl Friday brand of companies offer a vast array of both virtual and onsite support services to small business owners, solopreneurs and busy executives throughout the United States.  Learn more at www.vepaa.com.